Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Okra Canning Plant, central Alabama, summer 2005 #2

Nikon FM, f/1.4 lens at f/16, polarizer filter, Ilford XP-2 film, 1/125 sec. exposure.

This is the same old structure pictured in the previous post. The building is rather obviously deteriorating, and the wind storms that hit this region shortly before my visit will surely hasten the process. Once the roof starts to go, the building itself will rapidly go downhill.

I saw a book several years ago, can't remember the name, of photos of old barns, houses, etc., taken over a 10-year period or so. In early photos of the abandoned structures, the structural integrity was notable -- but after a few years, the buildings had begun to sag and collapse due to neglect. It's astounding how quickly a building that has stood for 50 or 100 years (without notable deterioration) will begin to fall apart when it is no longer inhabited or otherwise used on a routine basis. Apparently buildings -- like old watches, cameras and cars, along with other mechanical items, as well as the human body -- need regular exercise if they are to continue functioning as intended.

Muscles atrophy, mechanical parts freeze up due to dried oil and other contaminants, and buildings fall down. And then there's the human mind, which may deteriorate more quickly than any of the aforementioned items.

Moral of the story: Exercise your mind. Open its doors regularly, keep the blood flowing, allow the air to circulate, and use it wisely. Otherwise you're asking for coagulation of thought and eventual breakdown of its useful parts.


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