Friday, December 12, 2008

New Orleans shotgun houses

These photos were taken in late June or early July 2008. Jessica and I went down to New Orleans for a few days, then to Mobile, Alabama, for July 4. Pleased to report that most of NO is looking just as it always did. Lots of Katrina damage, still, but in much of the city it's hard to tell what buildings were damaged by the storm and which ones were just due to fall down. We spent one day driving around the city and just looking.

Our time in NO and Mobile was spent much the way we live life here in South Carolina: going to used book stores and record stores, wandering around looking at old houses, and taking pictures. I concentrated on buildings, while Jessica started a collection of photos of "New Orleans Kitties".

No cats here. This is MY blog, after all.


Blogger Robert Neno said...

Good to see some new stuff up first of all... Instantly I liked the one without the tree nore. I like the richness in the paneling (pseling si fukct on dat) Anyway... Then I looked closer at the first one. I didn't like the tree at first glance it made things to covered. Then as I looked more I liked the (speeling error to come) complecity of it. It seems more natural. The bottom one seems too set up almost. Both are great. Just tring to give you something to talk about or maybe give myself something who knows.

I'd like to see more. If only I lived in SC. That should'nt deprive me though. Fuck you thats not fair... Eat shit... Post more I want to see what those BBQ Mustard eating bastards get. Why do you like them more??? I'll buy one if thats what you want capitalist PIG..

So so thats enough... Looks good. Looking forward to more. Take care we love you. Fair well. Also I would like to add.....GGGGOOOOOOODDDDD GGGGOOOOOODDDDDDDD GGGGGGOOOOOODDDDD......


1:50 AM  
Blogger goooooood girl said...

i like your blog......

5:12 AM  
Blogger J. Daniel said...

It's WAY later, but thanks for the comments. Gooooooood girl, I like your avatar. Too bad it links to a porn site. Thought I had an actual comment there.

Mark: You're on to something about the photos. The one with the tree is immediately off-putting, while the other seems more open. That's because the first is asymmetrical because of the tree, and both the tree and the fence block you, visually, from the house. The other one is open, accessible, not fenced. But if you're like me, the things in life that are partially obscured or hard to get to are frequently the most interesting, while the things that are readily accessible can be appealing at first, but lose interest quickly. Like a girl who flirts a lot. At first, you think the ease of access could be a benefit. But in the end, it's the slightly mysterious girls who win me over.

12:46 PM  

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