Saturday, October 29, 2005

Jimmie Vaughan. Atlanta, Georgia. May 2004.

Jimmie Vaughan, formerly of the Fabulous Thunderbirds, played a concert at the 2004 Libertarian Party National Convention in Atlanta, Ga. I had heard only a few of the man's songs and didn't even recognize him when I met him at a party before the concert.

"Hey, I'm Jimmie," he said, sticking out his hand for a shake.

I talked to him for a few minutes. Luckily I could remember a few songs -- including "Tuff Enough" -- but didn't remember at the moment that he's Stevie Ray Vaughan's older brother. The younger Vaughan is, of course, more well known, perhaps because he died young.

Why's this picture here? First, because I like it. The primary colors echo the immediacy and drive of Jimmie's music, I think. But also, I figure any musician whose Web site includes the text to the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution deserves any attention he can get. Vaughan is a member of the Libertarian Party and is a long-time advocate of liberty in America, which is more than you can say for most so-called "patriotic" acts, whether country, rock or otherwise musical.

This is no Toby Keith character: Vaughan actually stands for a free country rather than dishing out nationalistic pabulum dumbed down enough so the average American dim bulb can understand the concept. With TK you get: Us good. Them bad. Kill them. ... and not much more.

Come on, America. Wake up.

And if nothing else, Vaughan absolutely rocks on that guitar. Check him out.


Blogger Both Parties Blow said...

Now you did it. You brought up politics. Of course, I agree completely, but that's because you stole my ideas.

2:11 AM  
Blogger Robert Neno said...

The TK I think you are talking about came out while I was in the Corps. and I can tell you we loved it. That said I understand what you are saying. I brought our morale up I know that. But we were the exact people who should have had the attitude of “us good, they bad” I know I’ve opened a powder keg here but anyways… I think we were the targeted audience for that one maybe. I get your point. He has a new song out that you should check out, where he is thinking to himself considering both sides and shit. Check it out. I'll try and find out the name. Maybe the money isn't there anymore it the other type of songs?? He hung with Ted Nugent so I give him a lot of slack. Take care.


4:50 AM  

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