Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Homeless chair, Chattanooga TN

I don't remember why I titled this photo "Homeless chair". It could be one of two things: It's a chair for the homeless, or it's a chair without a home.

Doesn't really matter.

This broken chair was outside an abandoned tannery building on south Broad Street (or thereabouts) in Chattanooga, Tennessee, my hometown. The building had obviously been empty for some time. My friend Jonathan and I crawled up on the roof of the building and looked through the skylights on the day this photo was taken, and the condition of the structure made it apparent that it hadn't seen human habitation (legally, at least) in years. There was evidence of squatters, however.

Me -- I just like the chair. Empty chairs are some of my favorite things. You never know when the music will suddenly stop.


Blogger Robert Neno said...

I see that it faded out on the left side of the frame a bit. Why is that?? Did you use a flash?? I don't see any shadows. ??

4:34 AM  

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