Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Very Large Array, south central New Mexico

Why this photo? Why the hell not?

It was taken in the rain with my Nikon digital camera (D70s). It features some of the satellite disks that make up the Very Large Array in New Mexico. I shot it on the way back from the California coast in the summer of 2006. The rain was omnipresent, at least for me: It rained the entire time I was in New Mexico, resulting in flash floods and a sodden J. Daniel. My leathers (and Mo Turncycle, the BMW R1100s) didn't dry out until central Texas rolled under my wheels.


Blogger Robert Neno said...

Alright well I'm up drinking and have decided to leave a few comments. Also before I forget we have created a photoblog for my photojournalism class. It's at Check it out when you get a chance man. I have put a few of my photos on there. You have seen most of them I'm sure.
Ok, the photo.... Why is the bottom of the foreground burnt out?? Is this intentional?? Is so why?? How many were there?? Did you go by any of the wind farms?? This reminds me of those in some way. Those fuckers are crazzy. I saw them on the way to LA. form Yuma. But I guess we all need them in our front yard to reduce our carbon bullshit, i mean footprint. I like the photo. Looks like a shot that should be in a UFO movie.


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Blogger Wendy said...

Hey Daniel! Very cool photos! I'm thinking you're the Daniel I remember from about a decade ago in Winchester, TN. I'm down near New Orleans now...glad to see you're still using your wonderful artistic eye!

8:00 PM  
Blogger Wendy said...

check out my blog at

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