Sunday, April 13, 2008

somewhere in Arizona, south of Prescott

This photo is from, as the title says, somewhere south of Prescott and north of Yuma in Arizona, on my way from my brother-in-law Mark's place up to My Buddy Bradley's place in late summer 2006. It was about 115 degrees that day.

I love old motels. This one didn't appear to be open for business. In any event, the barbed wire would have made it difficult to approach.

The camera is an old Zeiss Ikon 6x9 cm. that belonged to my great grandfather.


Blogger Robert Neno said...

I like the new photos. New in that you just put them up I mean. Did you do any B&W at Mardi Gras?? Interested to see them if you did. Talk to you later.


2:07 AM  

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