Sunday, May 25, 2008

Moss House

This house is going to show up in the novel I'm writing. It's way out in the country here in South Carolina, up the highway from "Mac's Place," which also appears here. The two primary characters of my book will spend some time in the house.

The trees and Spanish moss shown in this photo are as important to the image as the house itself. Hell of a cool place. A bit creepy, in the best way possible. Who knows what went on here. Only five rooms, with an indoor wooden ladder that goes up to nowhere but the ceiling. No trapdoor. I checked. More photos of the house will follow, eventually.


Blogger zhaemom said...

Mr. Cloud,
I just stumbled upon your blog to my greatest delight. I am stuck here in Houston as a refugee from Alabama. Your photography is stunning.

Have a lovely day,

10:32 AM  

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