Friday, February 03, 2012

Moss house, central South Carolina

I can't remember if I've posted this photo before and I'm too tired to scroll through the entire blog. But I felt like seeing this one NOW and figured I might as well put it up here, just in case I hadn't shown it before.

My favorite old house ever, out in the sticks southeast of Columbia SC. When I had to wrap up my novel a few years ago and couldn't do so at home, I took my Olivetti manual typewriter, set it up on an old electric line spool as a desk, and wrote the last few chapters of the book under the back porch of this house. The house is a major character in the second half of the book, so it made sense.

The heat, the insects, the general atmosphere of decay: all there in the book. But that moss is the best part. I generally don't leave trash behind when I camp (I was there for two or three days) but I put my empty bottle of Old Everholt rye whiskey in a closet in the house when I left. My addition to the general decrepitude of the joint.


Blogger Centranthus said...

The bf lives right outside Columbia - would be interested in knowing where this house is, as it looks incredible! Have seen several houses such as this along the way - taken over by kudzu, etc. Of course, never had a camera handy. Such is life.

Nice post, Daniel - haven't seen you in quite a bit.

2:50 PM  
Blogger J. Daniel said...

Thanks for visiting. I don't recognize your name, though.

However, since I no longer live in SC, I'll try to give directions to the house: Someone should know how to find it.

Leave Columbia heading west on Blossom St., which becomes Knox Abbott in West Columbia/Cayce. Stay on Knox Abbott until it turns sharp left, becoming US Hwy 176, 321 and 21. Go south about 3-5 miles.

Hwy 321 splits off to the right, heading for Gaston, while 176/21 veers left. Go left. After several more miles, 176 keeps going straight, heading down through St. Matthews and on (eventually) to Charleston.

However, you're going to turn right on US Hwy 21 near Sandy Run. And that's the last turn you make. You will drive several more miles, crossing I-26 (I think) and heading almost due south. I don't remember other landmarks until you will come to a sign on the right side of the road, saying there is a church down the side road. I think it was a Methodist church.

The house is in the thicket of cedar and oak trees behind the church sign. Let me know if you find it. I don't even have a map handy, so my directions are from memory.

And as always, please respect the old place. I can't believe it hasn't been disturbed more than it has already.

Oh, and tell me who you are, other than Centranthus, if I do in fact know you.

10:16 AM  
Blogger Centranthus said...

Jess Tetro. I used to be friends with Bradley Nantt. As for the house, we may visit it - and will only photograph it, as I wouldn't feel right entering it.

Thanks for the directions, I know more or less where that is, and the boyfriend definitely will. He may already know about it, as he lives right off 176.

12:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

J. Daniel- I miss you!


3:20 PM  
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