Saturday, July 03, 2010

Recent trip photos - Mouth of Wilson, VA

This spring I finally got to go on another motorcycle trip. Only four days, but I made it from central SC through North Carolina, into western Virginia, west into Kentucky, down through Tennessee to north Georgia, then back home. As I told my wife, I needed to see my mountains again before we head to Austin, Texas. We'll move as soon as we sell our house here in Columbia SC.

Both of these photos were taken in a tiny little place called Mouth of Wilson, just north of the North Carolina-Virginia line. About two miles from the state line. Wasn't much to the town, just an antiques/junk store (where I bought yet another cast iron skillet) and a few houses.

The metal-sided building is an abandoned business across the street from the antique store. I have no idea what the tower up on the hill to the right is. I have another negative exactly like this one, except without the truck. I decided I like the truck better. Gives an idea that the place is occupied. Shot with a 1920s Zeiss Ikon collapsible 6x9 camera that was my great-grandfather's. Ilford Delta 400 film.

The other building is an old mill house. The town is called Mouth of Wilson because it is at the mouth of the Wilson River, and the river was harnessed (loosely) to run a mill. The mill is no longer operational or even present (no wheel), and the house has been vacant for many years. Shot with my Mamiya C220 on Ilford FP-4 Plus film.

Right down the hill from these two buildings there was an old house, also abandoned. I was warned, however, that it was occupied by at least one bear. I went down to it and looked in. Saw where the bears slept, and smelled their distinctive musty aroma, but decided not to hang around and take pictures. I did get a shot of the outhouse, though. May post it later.


Blogger Nessierie said...

My ancestors built the mill you mention in your blog, I believe. I wonder if you happened to see a two-story brick house in the vicinity, as that is the family home. I have old photos and paintings of both the mill and the house. I live on the west coast, and wish I could come to see for myself. If you have pictures of either, I would surely love to see them. Lisa Newhouse (Parsons family, Mouth of Wilson, VA descendant)

3:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Mouth of Wilson, VA photos Daniel. Some of my family, (the Daniels), come from there and I recognize both of your photos. We retain a vacation home there still and visit when we can. Thanks again.
ps: neat to hear of the Mill's origins Lisa.

9:57 AM  

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