Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rocking Horse, Central SC

Went for a short ride northwest from Columbia a few weeks ago and saw about eight or ten rocking horses set up in the front yard of a little house, most of them straddling the rail fence. Interesting and a little odd.

Man who lives there came out with his walker. Older dude, big old nose and ears. Name's John, I believe. He just had his leg amputated a couple months earlier, after having an I-beam dropped on it at a work site. It went untreated for too long, got infected, and had to be removed just above the knee. No more construction jobs for him. He was a welder for over 40 years.

The rocking horses are his wife's, he said. She can't help but buy them whenever she sees them, or she finds them on the side of the road.

Contax IIa, Sonnar f/1.5 50mm lens, Ilford Delta 400 film.


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