Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ginger Mint Julep

Shot in New Orleans last summer (that being the summer of 2008, somewhere around June 30). Mamiya C220 with a 105mm lens.

Not much more to say here. Great city, great sign. Don't know if it's a great drink. Haven't had one.

Jessica and Django

Shot in Richmond, VA, right after we got our puppy, Django. He's now a big dog (as beagles go) and just had his third birthday, so this must've been in the summer of 2006, or thereabouts.

Contax IIa, 50mm 1.5 lens. Lovely little camera.

My woman is in Baltimore visiting her family right now, and the beagle is raising hell in the dining room, waiting for me to get off the computer. I miss my wife, hence the reminiscent photo. Love it: Pretty girl, beagle puppy, railroad tracks and a bridge. There's a Tom Waits song in there somewhere.